What makes ShantyShack different?

Small is beautiful!! - The Shantyshack is a small project studio which aims to provide a personal service to acoustic musicians & bands. As an experienced musician, Colin can offer advice assistance on arrangements, harmony etc as well as technical studio support.

Location, Location, Location!! – The studio is positioned with its verandah overlooking the River Forth. The location & facilities provide a wonderful relaxed working environment and, being residential, the studio is ideal for those late night sessions.



* Yamaha 16 trk digital with full EQ,EFF, Dynmamics & Mastering programmes.


* SE2200, AKG C1000S, & Shures (various)


* Powerplay headphone distribution to 4 phones.
* Wharfedale Diamond close field monitors.
* Mackie 350 power spkrs


* Electronic Drum Kit Roland TD3
* Electric/Acoustic Steel String Guitar Takemine EN10
* Electric/Acoustic Cassical Guitar Suzuki AEG10N
* Mandolin Electric/Acoustic Ozark 2252TS
* Electric Fiddle & Assorted 12 string & 6 String acoustic guitars
* tambourines, harmonicas etc etc

The Studio

* Norwegian Spruce Cabin 5m x 4m.
* Toilet, Shower, Sink with h/c water.
* Verandah to front with view over river and adjacent fields.